Yosemite Series

Acrylic on canvas, 2008

I used a palette knife to create the under painting so that there would be a vibrant texture underlying the landscape.  The precise and delicate quality of nature is complimented with its sheer strength.  It took powerful forces to create the mountains and rivers that we see today – to create the very earth on which we dwell.  I tried to capture that energy using the knife, and then went over it with a brush for softness and detail. My intent was for the texture to hold the paintings together in a lively and dynamic way.  I believe that there is a powerful, invisible and fiercely loving God sustaining and holding all things together.  We may not see Him, but we see His eternal power and divine nature manifested in all of creation.

Acrylic on canvas paper, 2008
Vine charcoal on paper, 2008. I sketched this while dangling my feet over a bridge 🙂

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