Monk Fruit Butterbeer Recipe (Reduced Sugar!)

If you love butterbeer, you’re sure to love this butterscotch soda recipe! My husband and I call it butterbeer but I wouldn’t call it an exact replica (perhaps it’s even better!). Authentic butterbeer is more of a cream soda with thick butterscotch-flavored foam put on top. There are a bunch of recipes on the internet with instructions on how to make the foam using whipped cream, but no recipe seems to be able to exactly replicate the thick, light, foamy butterscotch goodness of the bubbly white butterbeer topping:

Butterbeer Main2
The butterbeer we had at Leavesdon Studios, England

However, this butterscotch soda recipe gives you a rich, deep butterscotch flavor in both the soda and the foam, and you don’t even need to make whipped cream to put on top. The foam is made by mixing butterscotch syrup with freshly opened (not flat) bubbly water. My husband and I LOVE this drink because I use my homemade butterscotch syrup in it and it doesn’t have too much sugar, since monk fruit replaces most of the sugar in the recipe.

The recipe for my homemade, reduced-sugar butterscotch syrup is here. The photos below illustrate the basic steps for making butterscotch soda:

Butterscotch Soda Syrup2
First, scoop some butterscotch syrup into your cup
Butterscotch Soda R22
Second, add a little bit of seltzer water (about twice as much as the syrup) and stir it around for ~10 seconds until the butterscotch has melted into the water and a nice foam is created. If your seltzer water is freshly opened, you can actually make a lot of foam. Add more seltzer water and stir if you want more foam.
Butterscotch Soda 3
Third, add more bubbly water and your butterscotch soda is ready to drink!

You can vary the proportions of the butterscotch syrup and seltzer water according to your taste. I like adding a lot of butterscotch syrup because then the taste is extra rich! Here is the basic recipe:


  • 1 cup of sparkling water, refrigerated (I’ve found that bottled seltzer water creates more foam than canned club soda)
  • 2 tbsp of homemade, reduced sugar butterscotch syrup, recipe here


You can modify the proportions however you would like, for however much soda you want, so the below is just a guideline – feel free to experiment!

  1. Scoop 2 tbsp of butterscotch syrup into into a small drinking glass
  2. Pour ~4 tbsp of sparkling water into the glass
  3. Stir it with a spoon for ~10 seconds, until the butterscotch is melted into the water and a nice foam forms. You can add a little more sparkling water and stir again if you want more foam.
  4. Add the rest of the sparkling water and you’re done!

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